Sklotopolis Wiki

On Sklotopolis you get a free deed that is up to 4s worth of space, or 9x9x10x10 w/ 2 guards.

Ex A

Setting up may be tricky at first, 9x9x10x10  X=North,South,East, or West.  See Example A. 

Ex B

Next Screen Is Perimeter, You want to make sure the Perimeter is set to 0. (5 tiles  are automatically free you do not need to type 5)  See Example B.  


Next you will select number of guards. You want to ensure you are hiring 0 guards when intially founding your deed. You will be able to go back and add 2 for free once this is complete. See Example C

Ex D

After you have named your settlement you will be taken to check your settings page. Here you want to double check a few things, See Example  D.

First ensure your tile Cost is 4silver or less.

Second 0 extra permiter tiles

Third No guards right now

Lastly 0 irons will be taken from your bank. 

Ex E

Have you not be able to get past one of the screens? Check your event log for a error message. They show up in a green text. See example E. 

You could be too close to another deed, a person house, or have too many creaturs in the area. 

Now lets go back and add your guards you can do this via your settlement token or character window.

There are two methods you can use to do this:

Method 1:

Ex F

Go to your settlement token and: Right click on token > Free Guards This will automatically hire two guards for you. Example F

Method 2:

Ex G

From character window right click the body image on the bottom left hand side,

Manage > Settlement > Manage Guards.

Ex H

A screen will pop up and you can change the 0 to 2 and have 2 free guards. Examples G and H 

      Congrats on founding your new deed and welcome to Sklotopolis. If you are still having problems please use the CA Help chat tab to get further assistance.